Our Credit Repair Services Include:

  • One-on-one personal credit advice
  • Unlimited disputes with credit bureaus, original creditors, collection agencies etc
  • “Pay-for-delete” negotiations
  • Help advice how to establish new lines of positive credit
  • Prepare you to get home and auto loan approval

Fixing your credit requires a well designed plan; a plan that is based not only on your credit, but also your budget, state laws, statute of limitations, and most importantly, your goals. Disputing everything on your credit report is not a plan – it’s a waste of your time and money! At 30 Day Credit Repair you will be assigned a personal Credit Repair Advocate who will help you develop a plan to improve every aspect of your credit.

Your Credit Repair Advocate Will:

  • Review every aspect of your credit report, not just the negative accounts.
  • Advise you on what to dispute, what to validate, when to settle and what to ignore
  • Help you determine in which order negative items should be addressed.

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30 Day Credit Repair Offers:

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No Up Front Fees Yes
Free Consultations Yes
Fastest Credit Repair Results in the Industry Yes
Results within 30 Days Yes
Licensed & Bonded Yes
We Do All The Work Yes
Permanent Deletions Yes

What other people, are saying about us?

Wow ... in 30 short days of their diligent work, my credit score jumped over 100 points!"


I must admit, I had some skeptisizm moving forward with this process, but in less than 30 Days I had over 79% deletions off my credit report, and raised my credit score to over 600 points!"


30 Day Credit Repair is a place where I was able to have hope to have my life back again."


The members of this team are friendly, caring and eager to help make this a smooth process."


7 Benefits of Credit Repair

  • Buy Your Dream Home
    Improve your credit now and get the home you deserve for the lowest payment possible!!
  • Pay Less In Interest
    Why pay hundreds or even thousands in interest and fees than you have to?
  • Sick Of Being Denied For Credit?
    Start to fix your credit for 29.00 and get approved!!
  • Need A New Vehicle
    Your credit plays a major role in the approval process and the rate!
  • Save Money On All Your Bills
    Your Credit Now Determines What You Pay In Fees On The Majority Of Your Daily Bills And Costly Upfront Deposits (Electric Rates, Insurance, Cell Phone, etc.)
  • Get The Job Advancement!!
    Get hired for the job & start getting paid the wage you want!
  • Get Approved For Credit Cards
    Ever needed a credit card for emergencies and didn't have one? Get one today!

Bottom line, even If you need surgery, school loans, or just a background credit check for a government job, 30 Day Credit Repair can help! We know how to straighten out credit issues and put you back on track financially. After all, life is all about good credit, and if you don't have good credit … You Have No Life!

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